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re:dinner party

> I need some MAJOR help here.  I was basically told last night that I
> will be having about 20 people over for dinner on March 30th.  It's for
> a committee that I'm on so they want to have dinner and then the
> meeting.  Anyway, I'm completely overwhelmed.  I have NO IDEA what to
> make for a group this large.  I want something very simple (I won't get
> home from work until 5 PM and they'll all be over at 6 PM) and something
> that doesn't need a lot of things to go with it (i.e., condiments).  I'm
> sure that none of the people coming are vegetarians but I don't really
> care, if they come to my house, they have to eat like we eat at my
> house.  Can anyone suggest anything to me?  Lasagna isn't an option but
> I want something like that.  I was thinking maybe gardenburgers but I
> don't want to deal with all the condiments.  I'm at a loss.  I'll
> probably end up ordering pizza (kidding).

Amy, why is pizza funny? Why not? My former landlady had a christmas party
every year and had pizza (more or less) without cheese -- although she
called it tomato pie. Everyone thought it was very elegant just because she
changed the name! (It's amazing what you can convince people of....just
don't let them see the pizza boxes.) Make sure you have plenty of toppings.

We have a place called "mom's" here that does bake-at-home pizza, and has
tons of ff toppings. I don't know if you have something similar, but it
might be a nice idea since it would be hot from your oven.