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cooking rice

Mary wrote:

> I, too, hate preparing grains and rice for one...does anyone know where I
> can find a mini rice cooker? I find that its almost impossible to cook one
serving of grains/rice...it just doesn't cook up right on the stovetop.

It's often quite difficult to cook a single serving of something (microwave
scrambled eggs comes to mind!).  So how about cooperating with the universe
and cooking several rice servings at one time?  Eat one, put each extra
serving in a separate ziplock bag in the freezer.  When you are ready to eat
it, take a package out, put it on your plate or just leave in bag, and heat in
the microwave for about 30 seconds.  Proceed to add whatever's needed to go
with it.  It tastes just like new rice!  And this means you cook for three
meals with one effort.

The first time I had excess rice, I froze it all in one bag, removed from
freezer and heated (in bag) in microwave briefly, spooned out the amount of
rice for my meal, and refroze the whole bag.  I can't believe I did this three
times and it still tasted fine!  But honestly, I think individual serving bags
are a better idea.  All that refreezing couldn't possibly improve the rice!

Re: Rice Cookers

Michelle, thanx for the web page comparing types of rice cookers; it was very
informative.  It seems that my "rice cooker" isn't even one but it sure cooks
rice well. (Maybe you could call it "Cook and Turn Off" type.)  I have a Black
& Decker "Flavor Scenter Steamer" Food/Rice Cooker.  I found it on sale for
$25 just when I was thinking that I needed a rice cooker to free up my
microwave for other dishes.  It actually steams food in a plastic bowl sitting
above a boiling water reservoir.  You put in the food, set the timer, and it
turns off when done.  It's supposed to cook vegetables too but I only use it
for grains and it works great.  Nothing to stick either.  You do have to
figure out how long to cook it (comes with a book of directions).  Can cook
from 3 to 6.5 cups (cooked rice) but I usually make 4.5 cups which pretty much
uses the whole bowl without filling it completely.  I am cooking for one and
freezing two bags each time.  Good choice for single person cooking and
inexpensive too.
Riki Darling
Spinner, Knitter, Navajo Weaver, Dyer, and Idea Enthusiast
Salt Lake City, Utah