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Fuzzy Logic

Michelle, you mentioned a rice cooker with "fuzzy
logic."  I know in general what this means, but does it
mean in reference to rice cookers?  What can such a
rice cooker do that others can't?  Mine (I have 2, both
second-hand ones that I "inherited") have a thermostat
and a "keep warm" setting, but in both, the bottom
layer sticks to the pan.  It washes out very easily so
it doesn't bother me, but I guess that's part of the
reason why these pans don't do for small portions.  It
is a little hard to figure out how to cook the
longer-cooking grains properly.  If fuzzy logic helps
it figure out how long to cook the grains, that would
be worthwhile!

Thank you for this list, by the way.  It's great.  I've
been reading "fatfree" for about 4 years now, and have
learned a LOT.  I have enough recipes to take me into
the NEXT millenium.  :-)


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