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rice cooker tip

My mini rice cooker is getting a double workout these days.  I finally
got around to trying its timer function and it works great to prepare
morning grains!  I just put the grains and water in at night, set the
time I want to eat it and go to sleep.  When I awake, I just scoop
them into a bowl, drizzle on some maple syrup and breakfast is done.

Recently I've been having Arrowhead Mills 4 Grain Plus Flax Cereal.
This is a mix of cracked wheat, oats, rye, barley and flax, all
organic.  10% calories from fat per serving with 6 grams of fiber.
I put 1/4 cup of cereal and 3/4 of rice in the cooker and put it on
porridge setting.  Because this is the mini model of the rice cooker
(the smallest one I could find with fuzzy logic) the cooker has no
problem cooking just the 1/4 cup of grains for breakfast.  Until I
found this little model, preparing rice and grains for just one seemed
more trouble than it was worth (I'm not big on leftover rice and
grains more than a day old).

Once I was in a rush in the morning and forgot to eat the grains.  The
rice cooker kept them hot till I came home.  Then I sauteed the grains
with vegetables and had it for dinner.

The rice cooker gets a double workout when I know I want more grains
or rice for dinner.  Then, after I scoop out breakfast, I immediately
refill it with water and rice and set the timer for dinner time.  On
these days I sometimes pick up a bag of pre-cut, pre-washed vegetables
on the way home from work and dinner is super fast, super fresh (I
keep bottles of szechuan sauce and teriaki sauce on hand as well).

Michelle Dick       artemis@xxxxxxxxx       East Palo Alto, CA