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Too tired to cook - simple recipes

The CFS-List I subscribe to (along with fatfree) - is developing a web
page with recipes for those of us (most of us) who are often too tired to
cook.  We need simple recipes with easily found ingredients that are
nutrional and tasty.
Eventually the site will be separated into veg and non-veg - and perhaps
other categories.  right now we seem to have IMHO too many recipes using
hot dogs and sausages.

so, here's my request.  If you have some simple recipes you'd like to
share with us, please e-mail them to me privately and I'll forward them to
the CFS-list.  (Privately because I can't figure out how to forward just
part of a digest - but of course digest members might also like these

Hope this is clear - though wordy - sometimes brainfog sets in.
Thanks for your help.   Barb B