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Re: Vegetarian Vitamins/Protein

In a message dated 6/7/99 4:54:38 AM PST, deborahs@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx writes:

 2.  I need to increase my protein intake.  Does anyone have suggestions for 
"snack-size" protein eats?  I'm looking for some protein-rich foods that I 
can keep in my desk or the fridge at work--easy and yummy foods would be best 
for me.  I eat a lot of FF cottage cheese and peanut butter with rice cakes, 
but I need some more variety.  >>
Hi Deborah, I just wondered why you need to increase your protein intake - if 
a doctor told you, never mind !  Otherwise, I just wanted to mention that 
everything I've read says that Americans (assuming you are one of us) eat way 
too much protein, and it inhibits our calcium absorption, which is especially 
relevant to women...
Take care, Carol