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Vegetarian Vitamins/Protein

Hi all!

I recently met with a nutritionist and am trying to follow a few recommendations.  I have two questions for the group:

1.  Do you know of any brands of vitamins that are vegetarian?  I have found some vitamins within a brand that are vegetarian, but not a whole line.  I like to order vitamins via Internet and they don't always provide that info on the Web sites.

2.  I need to increase my protein intake.  Does anyone have suggestions for "snack-size" protein eats?  I'm looking for some protein-rich foods that I can keep in my desk or the fridge at work--easy and yummy foods would be best for me.  I eat a lot of FF cottage cheese and peanut butter with rice cakes, but I need some more variety. 

Thanks!  I love this list and all of your encouraging words!