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I am having great fun with my new juicer.  For breakfast this morning I
peeled and threw in two oldish grapefruits, 2 pretty old tangerines and a
ripe pear.  It was really good.

Then we went for a hike around Buttermilk Falls, I don't know the distance,
but we walked for about 1 1/2 hours, probably close to an hour up, (we are
not in good shape!) mostly steps, and a bit over 1/2 hour on steep downward
trails.  Lovely, a bit warm by the end.  Came home and made "lemonade":
Toss apples through the juicer
and then add in a lemon or two, to taste.  Not exactly like old fashioned
lemonade, but amazingly similar and refreshing.  BTW, I don't seed the
apples, just quarter them, and I added the lemons peel and all.

Jan G