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Re: FATFREE Digest V99 #151

Dharmas is alive and well and still as good as ever.

From: "Jan Gordon" <jan@xxxxxxxxxx>
Subject: Santa Cruz Restaurants
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You asked about healthy restaurants in the Monterey Bay area.  There is
place in Santa Cruz that is almost worth the trip just to eat there.  I
think it is called Dharmas, I have not been in that part of the world
about 4 years, I hope Dharmas still exists.  It is actually in Capitola,
far from the Capitola Mall.  The ambience is very casual, you order at
counter, huge portions of organic vegan delights.  The food tastes clean
fresh, you feel as though you have done something nice for you body
for the over eating part cause it is so good).  From breakfast to dinner
snacks, fresh juices, everything you could want (except romantic
atmosphere).  I recommend this place without reservation!
Jan G