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Santa Cruz and Monterey restaurants

>You asked about healthy restaurants in the Monterey Bay area.  There is a
>place in Santa Cruz that is almost worth the trip just to eat there.  I
>think it is called Dharmas, I have not been in that part of the world for
>about 4 years, I hope Dharmas still exists.  

Yes, Jan, Dharmas is still there.  The following web site is Radha Vignola's
home page.  She's a vegan nutritionist who teaches in the Bay Area and Santa
Cruz.  Her page lists additional restaurants and markets in the Bay Area,
Santa Cruz and Monterey.  I'm not affliated with Radha in any way other than
as a student of hers through my Kaiser health plan.  She lived for years as
a vegetarian and then converted to a vegan diet about 5 years ago.  She
teaches a vegan version of the Ornish plan at many of the area hospitals and
community centers.  She's terrific.


Susan Swierkowski
Roche Bioscience
(650) 852-1678
FAX (650) 855-5988
"Nothing will benefit human health and increase the chances for survival of 
life on Earth as much as the evolution to a vegetarian diet."  Albert