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re: Roasted Chickpeas?

I haven't yet tried this recipe from Diabetic Cooking from Around the World
by Vilma Liacouras Chantilles (Harper and Row, 1989; ISBN 0-06-016057-8; p.
192), but it "looks right."


Children in India munch this nutritious snack after school.  Season the dal
with your favorite seasonings.  You may use tur dal (split pigeon peas
known as red gram or arhar dal in India) instead of the channa.  Dal Snack
can be fried in hot oil, but roasting is simpler.

1 c. channa dal (split bengal gram or Indian chickpeas)
Large pinch salt
1-2 ts. ground cumin, more to taste
1-2 ts. chili powder or cayenne pepper

Wash the dal in a saucepan.  Cover with 4 c. water.  Add the salt and bring
to a boil.  Skim off any foam on the surface.  Remove from heat.  Season
liberally with spices you like.  Cover and soak for a few hours.

Drain thoroughly.  Spread dal on a towel to dry.  Place dal in a bowl.
Taste and sprinkle with more spices, if you like.

To roast, spread dal on a flat pan.  Roast at 250° for 30 minutes.  Taste,
and continue roasting until they are as crisp as you like them.  Remove
from oven and cool.  When thoroughly cool, store in a covered container.

Makes about 3 cups (48 Tbs.)
2 Tbs. = 1 starch exchange (6 g CHO, 2 g protein, fat negligible)