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Unidentified subject!


	I'm not an expert on Irish cuisine, but I'm from the UK and we do all manner of things with potatoes.  Yes, we do roast them to go with a roast dinner.  This involves fat so not a good option.  However, baked potatoes (at least in England) are readily available from most places, so there shouldn't be any worry on that score.

	On another subject, more related to the list, does anyone have any really good recipes for fruit juices, I've just got a juice extractor and need suggestions.


> I am going to be living in Dublin Ireland at Trinity College for a month and 
> I would like to know if I can eat fat free and vegetarian in Dublin?  I love 
> baked potato's but I hear they roast them? Is that the same as Baking?   and 
> does everything have butter on it?  Will I starve to death or gain tons of 
> weight?  Where are good places to eat?  Are scones fating?
> Danielle
> Wolfie76@xxxxxxx