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Rice sticks revisited

Thanks to a wonderful new book by Grace Young, "The Wisdom of the Chinese
Kitchen," I have learned a new trick!  According to Ms. Young, rice sticks
(rice noodles, vermicelli, etc.) should first be soaked in cold water for 30
minutes prior to using in a recipe.

So tonight I tried doing just that.  Look, ma, no sticking!  After soaking
the noodles in water I put about a cup of veggie stock in a wok, heated the
noodles and tossed in a couple of pinches of curry powder.

The more I learn about traditional Asian cooking the better I like it.

Tonight I am going to try deep fried tofu.  Yes, I know, what about the fat?
According to a recipe I picked up off the web it is possible to rinse off
all of the fat.

Ciao...Beverly Kurtin

"Anyone who believes that the competitive spirit in America is dead has
never been in a supermarket when the cashier opens another checkout
line." -- Ann Landers