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Re: In search of a delicious veggie burger

Tyeisha Schoolfield wrote:
> Does anyone know of a veggie burger that is tasty and does not contain
> cheese or milk?  I use to enjoy the hamburger style burger from GardenBurger
> until I found that it was loaded with cheese.  Last night I bought the
> original burger from Morning Star.  It was not the worst, but it surely was
> not the best.

Read the ingredients on all the GardenBurger brand burgers very
carefully.  Only a couple of them are vegan (GardenVegan and the fatfree
version of the Hamburger style, I know, are vegan; the lowfat version of
the Hamburger style is not).  Only a couple of them are fatfree.

And for the life of me, I haven't been able to figure out why they have
two varieties of hamburger style burgers...

I'm having trouble finding the GardenVegan ones lately.  Since they made
the big push for the other flavors, they seem to have backed off on
marketing the GardenVegans, and several of the places we used to get
them around here no longer carry them.  Most annoying -- I prefer them
to the hamburger style ones, personally...

> Also, can someone recommend a mozzarella cheese (veggie of course)?  I miss
> having pizza for dinner.  In case anyone is interested, Galaxy Foods has a
> great American cheese called Veggie Slices.  They taste just like the real
> thing.  However, it does contain casein (a dried milk enzyme).  Correct me
> if I am wrong.

Do keep in mind that cheese is not required for a pizza! :)  My husband
and I make a great veggie pizza with a couple of tablespoons of tomato
sauce, various random sliced veggies and fresh herbs.  No cheese needed,
and it's usually quite tasty!

> Lastly, What is whey?

Take a strainer, line it in several layers of cheesecloth, put yogurt
into it and leave it over a bowl overnight.  The thickened product left
in the cheesecloth in the morning is yogurt cheese (quite good as a
cream cheese substitute, I'm told, though I don't eat such things
anymore); the liquid left in the bowl is whey.


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