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Hi.  I have a Westbend breadmaker.  Love it.  Had a few problems which the
company corrected.
1. The whole wheat setting quit after about 10 months.  Westbend replaced
the whole machine.
2. The new machine had a defective teflon coating on the pan.  Westbend
replaced the pan.
A bit of a hassle, but it's now worked fine, and regularly for several
A friend has a Black and Decker - also about 5 years old and loves it.
We recently bought both our daughters Breadmakers for Christmas, and they
are quite please with them....Phillips, I think.
I think the main thing is to look for a fairly heavy pan.  some of them
seem quite light weight and I think the bread might not cook quite as
evenly.  The one with the double paddles that make a more traditional
sized loaf look interesting, but at least here in Canada they are about
1/3 more expensive...doesn't seem worth the extra for us right now.
Barb b