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late night binging

Hi! I suspect that you turn to food 'cause there's nothing else going on in 
your home town. Find something to do: an evening job (preferably one that 
doesn't involve food!), find an old friend or classmate -even a boring one- 
and go for a walk or run, or do something with your hands. I find that if I'm 
knitting, I just get past the presumed hunger. If my hands are really messy 
-with glue or some crafty stuff- it's just too much bother to wash up for a 
-Good luck, Caroline

>>anyone have any advice to stop late night binging??  I am generally
fine with my eating until evening hits and then i lose all motivation
and start to binge.  i am home from college so i am not around a whole
lot of people and the town is dull so it is hard to get out of the
house.  any thoughts (or snacks that are really good for you and
filling) would be greatly appreciated!!!<<