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I love cucumbers all by themselves.  My mom used to have bowls of them in
red wine vinegar (diluted with water and sometimes with onions) on the
dinner table every night in the summer, along with a plate of tomato slices.
All of course, fresh from the garden.

I just made a cucumber salad from The Essential Vegetarian (the Australian
one) and it was delicious.

There is also a white gazpacho that uses cucumbers as its base, so you would
use a lot more of them.

The most important thing is to pick them when they are small and thin.  As
much as I love cucumbers, I would never eat those huge ones with gigantic
seeds.  It seems that everyone I know who doesn't like cukes has only had
the big ones.  It cracks me up at the grocery store when they are 3 for
$1.00 and everyone is buying the largest ones they can find.  They obviously
don't know a good cucumber.