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Message back to Lisa Hill:
You are concerned that you are gaining weight on a vegetarian diet.  It is
quite possible to do so if you do not watch what you eat.  I have seen so
many vegan people eating from bags of chips and cokes because they can't
find what they require when they are out on the town.  Watch eating lots of
nuts, muffins, heavy breads, refined baked products and sweets and sweetened
beverages.  They are all vegetarian but very fattening.  Also make sure you
are eating sufficient protein because that is what will allow you to go
longer between meals.  Carbs are good too, but you must exercise and not eat
too much starch (white rice, potatoes, bread).  A good balance is all you
need!  Check out some of the nutritional info on the Fat Free website, and
look at some of the sample diets.  There you will find some good light menu
plans!  Good luck!
jb in T.O.