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Re: FATFREE Digest V99 #197 And Gadgetry

> I have been a stone silent lurker for the past six months, however I am
> inspired to respond regarding those wedding gift uses.
> I'm not very experienced with the crock pot or hand blender, but the
> mentioned are used EVERY SINGLE DAY!
> The toaster oven that I have is a Kenmore and it is much larger in
> then most others I see in the stores.  The outside casing is a little
> as well but not proportionately.  (Some of the cheapies are big on the
> outside without much room on the inside.)  My husband and I are in the
> slow process of remodeling an old house.  We have had the gas lines to the
> kitchen disconnected for some time, and the toaster oven that I have
> broils, toasts, warms, has temp settings, (whew!) really it has the works,
> and it replaces our oven very nicely.  Of course we can't cook for more
> the two of us in it, but then that is what the grill is for.
> The food processor is a Kitchenaid, and I couldn't possibly consider
> without one anymore.  I love to cook, and I do some small scale catering.
> Here us only a sample of my own uses for the processor.  Right now the
> garden is going insane with zucchini, slam them through the shredder
> pop into a big old zip lock bag and toss 'em into the freezer.  Voila,
> shredded zucks for any number of baking (muffins, breads, cakes, brownies)
> or cooking (relleno, taco, or lasagna filling, garden burgers, etc.)  The
> regular blade is purfect for making pestos, salsas, hummus or other bean
> dips, spreads and dips of all sorts (which are great to take to parties),
> well as veg or bean burgers, bread crumbs for dried bread, creamy soups
> the cream of course, pie crusts and scones (put your dry ingredients in
> pulse while adding a little applesauce (or whatever you use) until it
> balls around the bowl, yesterday I pulsed some dried apricots in it for a
> brandied apricot appetizer filling.  You get the idea here.
> WOW!  For a lurker who normally says nada, I just got a bit in!!  Guess
> should tell you all how emphatic I am about my gadgets! ;-)
> Meredith