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Re: garden overload

Cucumbers:  My step dad used to flour and fry them just like green
tomatos, (yuck)
I use to make bread and butter pickles with zucchinni, they were
really good, the only good thing to use them for other than bread
and cookies. Make them up and put pretty little topper on the pint
jars and give them away for christmas gifts along with a loaf of
zucchini bread or some zucchini cookies.
Stuffed zucchini are good, if you like them. Sauted squash with
fresh tomatoes and basil or dill and fresh green onions, squash
lasagna, I think htat is it
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From: Nancy Adkins <nadkins@xxxxxxx>
To: Fat Free List <fatfree@xxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Wednesday, July 07, 1999 10:55 AM
Subject: garden overload

OK   I need HELP.
My small garden is in overdrive this year and so in addition to all
the new
stuff I have tried now that we are Vegans I have TONS of the normal
things I
have always grown and loved.  But I need new ways to serve them
any and
all Ideas welcomed.
Cucumbers are my biggest problem   I can only eat so much Gazpacho
and we have way to many Zucchini and yellow squash  I am now grating
and freezing them for use this winter but really would like some new
ways to
try the fresh ones.  Thanks