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Vacuum Sealer

> I need to purchase a good food vacuum sealer.  I would like to know if
> anyone has purchased one they are happy with.  I bought one
> (Deni) which is
> a piece of junk, the vacuum doesn't work at all.  You can e-mail me
> privately if you wish.

Actually, I'd like this information too.  I also have the Deni sealer.  The
vacuum works somewhate, but not completely.  My main complaint is that the
sealed bags do not seem to be airtight.  After a few days there will be air
in the bag.   I saw a larger, heavier-duty-looking one at Sam's.  I think it
was $169, or thereabouts.  I don't want to invest in another sealer unless
I'm sure it works better than the one I have.  I freeze all the time, so a
good sealer would be really useful to me.