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RE: Unidentified subject!

Are you ready for this one?
Eel has 22 grams of fat.

That's all I know.

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just a few questions :

first of all, i saw mention of a no fat guacomole.  is there a recipe
for this??? if so please!!!!!!post or send to me.

second, there has been a lot of mention of a george forman grill.  just
curious as to what this is.

ok.  last thing.  i am not definite of the actual nutritional info of
vegetarian sushi, but i imagine that it is healthy.  it is just rice,
veggies and seaweed.  i am absolutely addicted.  if interested, i'll
post a recipe. by the way, does anyone know the exact nutritional info
of sushi rice???

ok. that's it.   bye
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