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Re: yogurt

>Date: Sat, 16 Jan 1999 11:05:47 -0900 (AKST)
>From: Rhonda O Pitka <fsrdp1@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
>Subject: re:yogurt

>I used to eat Columbo all the time too.  Unfortunately, they took it off
>the shelves here in Alaska.  I asked the clerk about it, and he said that
>they discontinued the product.  Anybody else know of a good yogurt with
>the thickness of Columbo yogurt? TIA

   I missed this product, too, when I moved to Canada. Here, Dannon yogurt
is one I used to purchase that was quite similar, or another brand, more
recently, called Silhouette, I think. For the last year or so, though,
we've mostly been making our own. Yogurt seems so expensive, which has long
mystified me, ever since I first made it many years ago, as a college
student. After all, with the right conditions (temp., culture, and,
especially [if you have a reliable supply], *raw* milk) the stuff seems
like it could take over the world.

Kathleen Wilson
Glenwood, Nova Scotia