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Better Than Milk

I like the taste and consistency of BTM; however, when I'm really tired,
the thought of mixing it up rather than just opening a carton is too
much :-)

My favorite so far is Silk by WhiteWave.  It comes in quart-sized milk
cartons and is available in plain or chocolate.  The plan has 28% cals
from fat, so is not VLF; however, it fits my needs and tastebuds. I love
the chocolate when I want hot chocolate with my daughter.  Heats up
great.  I've even frozen it eventhough manufacturer says it won't taste
the same.  It has a really nice mouthfeel on cereal and such and is more
highly fortified than BTM. And, it tastes great in my morning coffee.

One Caveat:  I don't drink any soymilk plain by the glass. I never drank
regular milk by the glass either. I use it on cereal, in my coffee, and
make smoothies or other drinks with it.

This is just my opinion. I don't work for them or have any other
affiliation; just a satisfied customer.

More info on their product ingredients can be found at www.whitewave.com
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