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Re: Veggie Restaurants

I go to Emory, which is in the Atlanta / Decatur area.  One of my favorite
places to eat / buy groceries is Rainbow Grocery, which is in a shopping
center on Clairmont and North Decatur.  It's a HFS, but there's cozy
little restaurant in the back which serves what I would call "Moosewood"
style food.  Not ff, or even lf, but vegetarian and they tell you if
things have oil or dairy.  Plus the staff is super friendly.  There's an
Indian restaurant called Zyka which serves vegetarian food, but I can't
testify as to whether it's vegan.  There's also an Ethiopian restaurant in
the shopping center in the back of the Target on North Druid Hills that
serves an excellent vegetarian platter (lentils, ingera, etc.).  Then
there's Cafe Sunflower, which I've never been to.  It's somewhere
downtown (probably on Peachtree) and I've heard it's fancy and expensive.
Lots of places serve vegetarian food, especially if they're a "trendy"
place (sushi, etc.).  Burrito Art in the Emory Village and El Myr in
Little Five Points serve vegetarian / vegan (meal-sized) burritos.
	Sorry this sounds a little sketchy, but being a college student
means I don't get to go to fancy places very often.
	I hope this helps.  E-mail me privately if you have any questions.


On Tue, 19 Jan 1999, Renee Kemske wrote:

> Hello,
> I'm going to Atlanta on the 29th and am wondering if anyone knows of some great
> veggie/vegan restaurants anywhere in the area?
> Thanks,
> Renee in NC