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Tofu recipes needed

Hi everyone...haven't posted much but sure enjoy reading and trying some
of the recipes you all share.

I am a new veggie eater.  I have never enjoyed much variety of veggies
but we are trying to eat vlf and vegetarian.  I have been enjoying salad
now with such things as bok choy, jicama, napa cabbage, spinach, and
leafy greens...whereas before it was iceburg only.

My dilemma is tofu.  I have never used it and am wondering if there are
any good recipes for a newbie vegetarian...I still don't enjoy peppers,
mushrooms etc...but if you have any recipes for tofu with out them I
would love to try them.  The pkg I bought says something about changing
the water everyday but other than that offers no suggestions.  I would
love to know cooking tips, freezing tips, and recipe suggestions.  I
hope someone has time to reply to this...I have to use it by Jan 31 the
date says.

Thanks for any help you can give,
Linda Stiles