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Re: Athletes and Vegetarians

Hello...Have you tried falafels or hummus?  Both have garganzo beans as
a base.  I use a mix for both and they are both VLF.  I skip adding any
extra oil to the hummus and I bake my falafels rather than deep fry them.
The falafels are nice because you can bake up the whole batch and put them
in serving size foil packets in freezer, then microwave as need.  Put 3-4
in a half a pita with sliced onion, tomato, cucumber, sprouts, whatever
and some ff plain dairy or soy yoghurt.  You can make the same sandwich
except with the hummus in place of the falafels or with them, or you can
use the hummus for a dip.  It is also good on top of a rice cake, then
broiled till hot.


>Do any of you have any tips for a
>meal to eat before a competition.  I usually will have some pasta and bread
>the night before and the day of the competition I will have a bagel with some
>Yves Veggie stuff on it.  Either their deli slices or whatever I find in the
>fridge.  Along with the bagel, I will have some juice and a bowl of cereal.  I
>have been doign that forever and I am sick to death of cereal and bagels.
>Does anybody have any other carbohydrate suggestions that are VLF and ovo-
>vegetarian? Thanks