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Re: balanced diet

>I am a newcomer to the digest..would like to know where to find or can
>someone send me a sample of a balanced menu for a week of vegetarian cooking
>so I know I am getting all I need to get nutritionally... I cannot eat
>tomatoes and green peppers and since a GREAT many vegetarian recipes call
>for them...I was wondering what would be a good substitute for these
>ingredients without compromising the taste of things.... thanks :)

Hello...I don't like green pepper, so I know this won't replace the
taste.  If I just want the color I add green peas, adding them in to
cook if it is a cooked dish, or rinsed and thawed if a salad.

I can't think of anything to replace cooked tomatoes, but for a salad
you can replace tomato wedges with orange sections, either fresh ones
or canned mandarin oranges.  This is really good with greens, red onion
and ff italian dressing.

The latest (Jan 99) issue of Veg Times has a recipe in it for a pasta
sauce made out of sweet potato rather than tomato.  We had a tomato-less
vegetable soup at a friends after Christmas.  She use rutabaga cubed.
It cooks up a pale orange.  You could probably puree some to make a
thicker soup.

Good luck...Bye...Elizabeth