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Re: FATFREE Digest V99 #6

In a message dated 1/9/99 6:22:06 AM Eastern Standard Time, fatfree-
request@xxxxxxxxxxx writes:

<< Pam-
 I'm also a young athlete (cross-country running) vegetarian (mostly vegan
 but lacto sometimes). pre meet i usually need lots of carbs and something
 that will fill me up for a little while. the best things i've found for
 breakfast are a big bowl of whole oats w/molasses for iron or any other
 sweetner- add dry fruit for a little extra. usually my meets are in the
 afternoon so my lunch has to be light but filling so i usually go with
 whaet bread toped with a bean puree- very good with the right spices or if
 you dont mind a little fat a very thin layer of peanut butter(very sticky
 and keps you from getting hungry) with mashed up bannanna works great.
 couscous- quick and easy- is also very filling and can be made with tons of
 stuff- it also digests well- add lentils(this comes prepackaged sometimes-
 for protein, a must for athletes. whole wheat pancakes are also great in
 the morning. try this before a competition though because sometimes your
 body will freak out if you change your routine.
 Catherine >>

THANKS I will try this.  I'm allergic to Peanut Butter but, I'll try the
lentil's! :) Thanks so much for being so helpful!