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Re: Mushrooms

Hello...Those are the same values I gave, by the way.  And that is for
one cup not half a cup, according to the USDA.  Also I did not list the
vitamin and mineral content because as I said, they really are negligible.

And yes, I do enjoy the "common" mushroom very much.  We use several
boxes a week.  We do not have the other more exotic, possibly more
nutritious and beneficial mushrooms available at our store here.


> Here's some nutritional values I found for mushrooms.  They may not
>have the nutritional value of greens, for instance, but certainly more
>than just the bugs under the caps!
>1/2 cup common mushrooms, boiled:
> 20 calories
> 4  grams carbohydrates
> 2  grams fiber
> 3  mg Vitamin C
>   .06 mg thiamin
>   .23  mg riboflavin
> 3.48  mg niacin
>   .07  mg B6
>14.2   mcg folacin
>10      mg magnesium
> 68     mg phosphorus
> 277   mg potassium
> .68    mg zinc
>   .39  mg copper
>   .09  mg calcium
> 1.36  mg iron
>Enjoy!  Becky