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tomatoes not your friend?

Someone requested tomato-free ff fare...

I suffer from the same fate (fortunately, I can eat peppers, but I know
your pain). I kept purchasing new vegetarian cook books (it's easier for
me to sub oil than meat) which helped, but so many of the recipes still
had tomatoes! Then I found Christine Pirello's Cooking the Whole Food
Way, which is vegan (actually, it may have some fish recipes -- I can't
recall, but definitely no egg and no dairy), and is also
macrobiotic...which means.....

No tomato and no pepper! (They are both nightshades and so considered
no-no's by the macrobiotic community.) I think that some of the recipes
have these ingredients as OPTIONAL additions, but she makes all kinds of
stuff without these items. I think there is even a recipe for

The book is NOT vlf, so you will have to make appropriate modifications,
but it definitely gives some good ideas for recipes without tomato and
pepper. If you aren't ready to make the commitment to her book, you can
go to her website, http://www.christinacooks.com and download some
recipes from there.

While all macrobiotic books will omit nightshades, this one has original
recipes that seem "normal" as opposed to "rabbit food."