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thank you so much for this wonderful newsletter....we have learned so
much and have met some wonderful people who are like minded with regard
to fat free cooking and nutrition and enjoying life!
our burning question to you and all your readers is this:
we have recently happened upon a wonderful source for dried
beans/legumes.  we have had some experience with most of them and enjoy
experimenting with the vast varieties.  we purchased a beautiful 2 pound
bag of DRIED FAVA beans on our last journey and now we are stumped as to
what to do with them!  i did find one recipe for them but i just know
that there must be others for me to choose from.   we look forward to
the springtime when the fresh FAVA BEANS are available in the farmers
markets and the larger grocery outlets and we have created some
delicious fast pasta sauces from them.   but this time, we are looking
at a lovely bag of DRIED beans! we would dearly love to create a FAVA
BEAN masterpiece using the dried beans! PLEASE HELP!
we enjoy using our 4quart crockpot year round. we were wondering if any
of these recipes (that i hope might be "out there") can be adapted to
use in this wonderful slow cooking method.  we find that the crock
produces some wonderful bean dishes due to the lenghty slow cooking
We hope that there is someone who reads this wonderful digest  that can
help us with this quandry of the dried FAVA'S....you have always come
through brilliantly for everyone in the past....i will be watching and
waiting your digest (and e-mail if anyone wishes to contact us
personally, please do!) we would be grateful and pleased with ANY  and
ALL information that would help! ....thank you in advance.....nancy and
terry   <wings@xxxxxxxxxxx>