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Fatfree Burger

Happy New Year to all on the list.

I love Yves Burgers, but find the soy bath they come in a little
overwhelming at times.  So I was happy to find a fatfree burger that I
could try as an alternative.  I had this product for the first time today
and *loved* it so much I wanted to recommend it to others.  It is called
Nature's Chef Soy Burger, and true to the claim on the package, it had
great taste, texture and nutritive value:

Per patty:  124 cal/ 19 g protein/ 0.4 g fat/ 11 g carb./ 380 mg sodium/
637 mg potassium.

The burgers were so good, I ended up having all 4 patties in the box today;
2 stuffed with veggies in a pita for lunch, and the other 2 with a savoury
sauce on the side for dinner!  I found it in the health food section of
Loblaws here in Montreal, or you can reach the Nature's Food people at:

Woodbridge, Ontario
Canada L4L 8A8

The burgers are vegan, and are made with "Canadian style" soy bean.  What
is the difference, I wonder?