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Re: Fatfree Burger

Hello...I wonder if it just means Canadian soy beans as opposed to
imported from like the US.  We get to Canada almost every year, it seems
on vacation.  We have noticed that there is a lot of insistence on
consumer goods being Canadian or UK or French, anything but from the
USA.  Which is fine.  However we could not get Starbucks Frappucino
in Canada this summer.  Here we can buy it bottled.  We tried to buy
it in the grocery store and were told it could not be brought into
Cananda and sold due to the fact it has American milk in it and the
Canadian dairy board won't allow it.  We love to go to the stores
and bring home all sorts of "foreign" foods, toiletries, etc.  My
children ask us to "pass the moutarde" (mustard) for example.  They
like all the bottles with the French on them.  I am not allowed to
throw them away and must refill.  Right now the moutarde jar is full
of Uncle Phil's Polish Mustard.  Oh yeah, and they also ask for
biscuits and digestives instead of cookies!

Well that is my thoughts on Canadian soy beans.  I may be right, and
I may be wrong.


>Happy New Year to all on the list.
>I love Yves Burgers, but find the soy bath they come in a little
>overwhelming at times.  So I was happy to find a fatfree burger that I
>could try as an alternative.  I had this product for the first time today
>and *loved* it so much I wanted to recommend it to others.  It is called
>Nature's Chef Soy Burger, and true to the claim on the package, it had
>great taste, texture and nutritive value:
>Per patty:  124 cal/ 19 g protein/ 0.4 g fat/ 11 g carb./ 380 mg sodium/
>637 mg potassium.
>The burgers were so good, I ended up having all 4 patties in the box today;
>2 stuffed with veggies in a pita for lunch, and the other 2 with a savoury
>sauce on the side for dinner!  I found it in the health food section of
>Loblaws here in Montreal, or you can reach the Nature's Food people at:
>Woodbridge, Ontario
>Canada L4L 8A8
>The burgers are vegan, and are made with "Canadian style" soy bean.  What
>is the difference, I wonder?