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Re: gumbo/baked egg foo yong

Hello...This sounds good, but I tried okra with my family once.  I
put it in a stew sounding similar to this and they would not eat it.
Not just not eat the okra, but not even the whole stew.  This okra was
frozen also.  I have been afraid to try anything with okra ever since.

>when I was standing in line last week at the supermarket, I read a
>recipe, altered it to take out the meat and fat, and created a GOOD ONE!
>this chilly weekend I made a lovely gumbo in my crock pot - I chopped
>1 large onion and added 2 cups of kernel corn (I used frozen, canned
>would be fine), a can of chopped tomatoes and 1 cut up potato and 3
>chopped stalks of celery.  I also added just 1 carrot that I found
>lonely in the veggie bin.  Then I added 1 pkg frozen chopped okra and
>just a bit of water, barely to cover, and let it simmer for 6 hours -
>You caould add favorite spices or veggie bouillion cubes, add salt and
>pepper for taste -- it was very filling and delish with bread on a
>wintry eve!  hope you all enjoy!
>diana in st. louis

I tried something for dinner last night that worked well.  I had
mentioned once I ended up with some Tofutti Egg Substitute, which I
didn't realize was real egg whites.  Well my family wanted something
Chinese for dinner, so I mixed one container (1 cup) of the egg
stuff with 1 drained can of bean sprouts and 1 cup chopped fresh
mushrooms and 1/2 cup chopped celery and 1/2 cup chopped onion.  I
haven't made EFY for so long because of the eggs and I always seemed
to use so much oil to fry the patties.  So this time I sprayed a
baking dish, 8x8, with no stick spray, poured the EFY into it and
covered with foil and baked in the oven at 350F until set and browned.
There was no discernable difference in the texture and the family
ate them with rice and water stir fried vegetables and soy sauce.