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wok cooking

> I have this beautiful wok, and I hardly ever use it. The first few times I
> tried it, the vegetables were sticking like crazy, and when I
> tried to add a
> little water I'd end up w/ veggies that were more "steamed" then
> stir-fried.

It sounds like you haven't seasoned it enough. A wok is a lot like a cast
iron pan, and needs to be seasoned before you can use it. Seasoning requires
oil, but then you shouldn't have to cook with oil after it is seasoned.
Also, after it is seasoned, you should never ever wash it with soap. Just
use hot hot water, and then after washing it, use a small amount of oil to
coat the pan, and then wipe the oil off.

I forget the exact procedure for seasoning a wok, but if you look in the box
that it came in, there should be instructions. If not, let me know, and I'll
find mine.

I hope this helps,