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delicious low fat chocolate cheese cake

dear fat free digest...please consider printing the following tried and
true recipe.  we thank you  very much for this wonderful digest and we
wait anxiously for each issue.  please continue your excellent source
for those of us who love to eat "heart/body healthy" and for allowing
all of us who are faithful readers a common ground on which to meet and
share.  @ngels be with you. >i<

nancy <wings@xxxxxxxxxxx>

 >i< >i<


heart healthy cheese cake:

1 8oz package of non-fat cream cheese

1 8oz cup of non-fat plain yogurt

1 cup of non-fat cottage cheese or non-fat ricotta cheese

1/2 cup of  sugar (more or less depending on your taste)

1T vanilla

2T flour

1 egg white or 1/4 cup of egg substitute

1/3cup plus 2T baking cocoa such as hershey or droste (must be
unsweetened).  depending on how much you love chocolate...you may want
to adjust this to the plus or the minus. remember cocoa has only 0.5gr.
fat per tablespoon!)

1  crumb crust in an 8 inch spring form or removable bottom pan.  we use
approximately 7 fat free cookies or 6 low fat graham crackers crushed
into crumbs in food processor.  crumbs are lightly sprinkled on bottom
of pan and nothing is added to them

preheat oven to 325degrees.

pour all above ingredients, except the crust, into a food processor or
blender. you may use hand mixer (this will take much longer but will
work).  blend  constantly until all is processed into a very smooth
mixture.  there should be no lumps of cottage cheese or cream cheese.
pour this mixture slowly on to the crust as not to disturb the crumb

bake for 35-45 minutes on the middle shelf of oven. i have found that
(due to the fluctuating temp. of my oven) sometimes it takes the cheese
cake 35 minutes and sometimes 40-45 minutes....start checking at 35
minutes as you don't want to over bake it!  as it bakes, the cheese cake
will crack around the edges, that's normal. at the time you first check
the cheesecake, it should be slightly "wiggly" in the center when
touched.  when it is,  then it is DONE!

IMPORTANT: you do NOT want to over bake it...you want it to be wiggly in
the center, not firm like a regular cake.  so watch and pull it out when
it is still soft in the center around 35-40 minutes depending on oven
temp.  when you remove it from oven, let it cool  about 15 minutes and
then take a very sharp knife and go completely around the edge of the
cake so that when it cools it will not pull apart and crack more.  allow
it to cool for about an hour on the counter.....you can then top it with
whatever you healthy heart desires.  we love to use caramel ice cream
topping for special occasions,  or you can use a fresh or canned fruit
glaze.  glaze the cheese cake lightly.  mostly, we feel the richness of
the cheese cake needs no other "guilding of the lily"....but use your
own imagination and good taste.  the cheese cake must then be

you  will enjoy this one....it is decadent....but so heart smart yet
even the most "full fat" lovers will find this cheese cake delicious.
it is rich and very creamy.  if you like dark bittersweet chocolate, you
will like this one...depending on how you slice it, you can easily get
10 slices per cheesecake. ENJOY with a good conscience and a satisfied
palate and tummy!

heart healthy compliments of nancy and terry      >i<