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Flax Seeds

I have gleaned a wealth of information from the generous members of this
list, not to mention the excellent recipes we have enjoyed trying and
continue to use. My question concerns flax seeds. My husband and I use
about 1/2 to 1 teaspoon each on our oatmeal every morning. This decision
was based partially upon my reading about the health benefits and my
husband's observation that after using them for a few months, his finger
nails were healthier and stronger. I have recently received information
that causes me to question the wisdom of using flax seeds on a daily
basis and the document suggests asking a pharmacist, which I hope we have
available on this list. I bought our seeds at Annie Kay's, a health food
store in Blacksburg, VA.  If any pharmacists have any input it would be
greatly welcome and if anyone else out there uses them or has used them
for a period of time, please tell me what you think. 

Many thanks for any comments you have.

Linda R. Caldwell