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too much salt in health foods?


>I have not eaten meat for the last three years and I recently gave up
>eggs and most milk products.  So now, I am mostly living on multi-
>grain bars, steamed vegetables, salads, and lots of fruits.  Another
>thing <snip>tofu/vegetable burgers and hotdogs <snip> I did notice that the
sodium level is through the roof!  >

This is a problem with lots of "heathy for you" foods.  They trade one
detrimental ingredient for another to make it appeal to the tastebud, based on
what they think people are more interested in - re: calories, fat.  You really
have to study up on nutrition and read labels!  "multi-grain bars, steamed
vegetables, salads, and lots of fruits" all all great (watch the empty (meaning
heavy on  lettuce) salads though and stay away from fatty dressings).  You need
to include more grains and proteins and even essential fatty acids.  Try
unsalted peanuts and walnuts (in moderation of course), beans of all sorts,
lentils, brown rice, whole wheat breads and whole wheat pastas, other grains
like barley and oats.  Watch the sugars and simple carbs as well as the salts.
And lean to the high fiber veggies and fruits, keep the skins on and eat them
too! Add ground flax seed to your diet in some way - on oatmeal (with rice
To your health!   Ellen