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Escarole & white bean saute?

Hi VLF'ers.

I was at a restaurant the other day and they had the most marvelous
concoction. I searched through my thousands of recipes and could not find
anything that came close. I thought perhaps one of you might have a
reasonable facsimile in your thousands of recipes. It was just terrific,
just the kind of dish that I love!

The dish was called escarole and white bean sauté and it was served over bow
tie pasta. It had garlic, black pepper and mild spices in a thin white
sauce. I am thinking it might be one of those mock sauces you can make out
of evaporated nonfat skim milk.

Any assistance appreciated. If no one has a recipe, I will take a stab at
recreating and post results if they turn out any good.


Sue Smith