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RE: FatFree Corn Tortillas

alfabyte@xxxxxxxxxxxx  asked:

>>>BTW: Does anyone have a recipe for fat-free corn tortillas?

Corn tortillas are fat free.  That is, inasmuch as you do not "add" oil.
There may be naturally occurring fats from the corn.  Corn tortillas are
made with Masa Harina (Mexican corn flour) and water.  You then roll,
flatten (a tortilla press helps bunches for this part) and cook them on a
hot griddle or pan.   About 400 degrees on a dry griddle works miracles!

You mix the masa according to the directions on the bag, then when the
tortilla is formed you put it on the griddle and cook one side for about 30
sec.  Turn it over and cook the other side till it starts to get little
brown spots, now turn it over again and cook until it puffs up.

While you are cooking the rest of the batch, you put the cooked ones
in-between a clean dishtowel (cotton or linen NOT terry cloth).  This keeps
them warm and steams them.

Fresh corn tortillas do not need to be fried to hold up to tacos and Ohhhhhh
what a wonderful flavor they have.  Once you get the knack of making them
you will never want to eat a store bought corn tortilla again!

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