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Re: Things I like

> ...  My 
> husband is very
> picky (he won't eat anything with cheese in it, near it, 
> around it).  He
> really believes that food can't be good without some type of 
> meat in it.

I'm a little late on this thread, forgive me.

Anyway, I am perfectly addicted to veggie burgers! I couldn't tell you
brand names, because I have a terrible memory. They come in a green box.
How's that for detailed grocery shopping? Anyway, I defrost them and use
them for other things besides just burgers. Made nachos with them once
that were awesome! I just crumbled up the veggie burgers on top of FF
cheese (oops, your hubby won't like that), salsa and FF chips and heated
in the oven until the cheese was melted.

At any rate, try them on your husband. I was very pleasantly surprised
at how good they are and how versatile, with a little imagination. I was
thinking of thawing out a few (they come frozen...green box, frozen
section...I hate to go grocery shopping, so I blocked it.) crumbling
them up and making "sloppy joes."

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