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Reminder: recipe rules

Just a reminder that all recipes posted to this list need to conform
to the rules for recipes that you received when you joined.  You can
get a new copy by sending email to:
and on the Subject line putting:
     archive faqs

There is also slightly outdated copy at:


I think the only difference between the above and the current rules is
that it is no longer OK to post a recipe with drops of a special oil
for flavor -- this allowance caused confusion, so now the only oil use
permitted in posted recipes are oil sprays.

If you have a recipe that can be successfully adapted to use no oil,
please post it, but remember to totally edit out all reference to the
oil and include appropriate instructions for making it without the
oil.  Do not include lines like: "1T oil (optional)".  Also, please
try to make sure the recipe is successful with any oil.  I hope to
update the recipe archive soon and recipes that are posted that don't
meet the guidelines cause more work for me.  Also, I hate to have to
write to you and let you know a recipe couldn't be included in the
DIGEST.  I feel bad that you went to the trouble to type it in and
then I couldn't send it out with the digest.

Thanks for all your help!
Michelle Dick       artemis@xxxxxxxxx       East Palo Alto, CA
          Owner, FATFREE Vegetarian Mailing List