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i finally bought the cookbook from the Millenium yesterday that was
mentioned on the sight and i would just like to add my praise- it's
incredible for anyone who cooks gourmet vegan- i just wish i lived in San
Fran. the only loss was the desserts are really high in calories and fat-
does anyone know any variations for some of them that are a little better?
also- for whoever mentioned the question on gelatin replacements you use
agar-agar- it comes in flakes or a solid form or a powder- i use the
flakes. it works just like gelatin in puddings and stuff. vegeterian times
magazine had a whole section on using it i believe in the november issue-
i'll try to find the recipe- if you look for back issues it has the pumpkin
parfait on the cover and you might find the recipe at their sight- it
looked wonderful.
i also had a short question on sushi and asian pears- does anyone know the
health statistics on these- they are my greatest cravings and i wondered if
anyone knew if i'm hepling my health too. to anyone who hasn't tried an
asian pear- they're like a cross between an apple and a pear- please do!
they wonderful but addictive!