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whoops--sorry about the last message

Sorry, my last message got sent before I was finished.  
Anyway, I love your site--I've looked forward to coming home at the end of
the day just so I can look through all the recipes!

Here's a favorite drink/pudding (depending on desired thickness) that I
like to make in the mornings:

1/2 pkg. pudding, flavor of choice (vanilla, white chocolate, chocolate,
and butterscotch are my faves)

Anywhere from 1/4-1 c. milk, depending on desired thickness (either as
pudding or a drink) and amount of juice the added fruit has

1 tsp. vanilla (for vanilla or wht. choc. puddings)

1 banana, apple, or kiwi, or try a cup of grapes, strawberries or
blueberries or try it all together!!

Blend in blender until smooth.  Chill for a while, improves taste.
*Can add ice to make it more like a smoothie
**Can substitute water for milk, to save on calories
Just play around, be creative, I usually try a different one each time!

I can't wait to send more of my faves--thanks for providing this website!!

Chelsea O'Brien