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new kitchen toy: silicone spatulas

I've got a new kitchen toy I love: silicone "rubber" spatulas.  I'm
lazy and try to put everything in the dishwasher and not too long ago
I destroyed yet another rubber spatula through repeated trips through
the dishwasher.  The rubber finally just disintegrated from the heat.

I'd seen silicone spatulas in some cooking catalogs with claims that
they could withstand high heat.  But I finally tried some after
visiting a local Home Chef store which carried some with the Le
Creuset label and which came in several bright colors.  I bought a few
and they're great!  They have the traditional rubber spatula shapes as
well as stirring spoon shapes.  The wooden handles are removable.
They don't warp when you use them to stir food in hot skillets, and
they are perfect companions for nonstick pots.

Check 'em out!

Michelle Dick       artemis@xxxxxxxxx       East Palo Alto, CA