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RE: Mastercook

I am running Mastercook 5.03, and I love it.  I also used version 4.0, and I
can say the 5.0 is a big improvement.  The 5.0 versions are Betty Crocker,
Cooking Light, and Food & Wine. You'd be fine with any of those. The main
difference is which cookbooks come with the program.  But you will find so
many formatted recipes on the Web, that the cookbooks that come with the
program will seem insignificant.  The other difference is that Food & Wine
is the newest version, and ships as 5.03.  The other two are 5.0, so if you
buy them, you will need to download and install a patch (it's free) to
upgrade to 5.03.  I would go with Food & Wine, then you'll have the latest
version & you won't need to bother with the patch.


> There appear to be several Mastercook software programs on the market..
> some better than others. I would love to hear from some of you who are
> <really happy> with what you've purchased. Knowing the pros and cons of
> what's out there will help me make the right choice when I get ready to
> buy.  Thanks, Jayne