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>There appear to be several Mastercook software programs on the market..

I'm still using the original Mastercook that I had installed way back on my
old win3.1 486/20 computer, version 2.3, and have had no problems with it at

The only version I really heard bad things said about was version 5, the
current one on the market. It *looks* nice, with the ability to import
pictures to go with all your recipes, but from what I read it's incompatible
with older versions, meaning recipes written and exported with older
versions have to be reformatted before they can be imported. Sounds like a
pain to me.

The program I use the most, though, is still Meal Master. It's the first
recipe software I ever owned, and now it's freeware. It imports Mastercook
recipes with little effort and there's plenty of 3rd party conversion
utilities to reformat other recipes if needed, like Now Your Cooking, etc.
The url for the MealMaster home page is http://home1.gte.net/welliver/
and there you'll find not only the complete download bu tlinks to various
recipe sites.

°o° Sue in FL °o°
Happy Holidays!
Home page: http://bbs.docsplace.org/susang/index.htm