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Re: recipe books

Have you tried The Mail Order Catalog at http://www.healthy-eating.com/ ?  They
have a section called "Bargain Books," and many of the books are 50% off.  I know
for sure they have The Almost No Fat Cookbook (one of my favorites) and The Almost
No Fat Holiday Cookbook, and I believe there are other fatfree ones.

As for getting people on this list to part with lowfat cookbooks, I'm afraid you
may have a hard time.  Maybe you could do what I do: check them out from the
library for a few weeks, use them extensively, and then type the recipes you like
into your computer.  Then, of course, you should share them with us!  :-)


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Sent: Wednesday, December 01, 1999 9:23 AM
Subject: recipe books

> I hate to pay full price for anything.
> I was wondering if anyone on this list had lowfat vegetarian
> cookbooks they didn't like or no longer used.
> I would be interested in McDougal's Quick and Easy Cookbook
> if anyone would want to sell it.
> I have the Cooking Cardiologist and would trade it for another
> cookbook or sell it.
> ANyone interested?