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soy milk

Hi all:  I  live in Southern New Jersey in a small town. Recently our Acme 
has gotten White Wave soy milk in the fresh milk department. They don't carry 
any boxed soy milk at all. This company is very independent, according to the 
market. The milk comes in without any ordering and they bring in whatever 
they wish.  For weeks we have 1/2 gallons of soy vanilla and plain, yesterday 
only pints (and expensive). We are at their mercy!!!

On another topic, I made the "Amazing Cornbread" recipe several times in the 
last month and it was highly appreciated by my father, the cornbread maven, 
as well as other guests. It is the one with the can of creamed corn thrown 
in-a lighter recipe than some. Anyway, I highly recommend it and if anyone 
wants the recipe reposted, let me know.
Happy, healthy holidays (eating healthy, too) to all!   Lois in Southern New